Why I’m Running

Wing Ng is a first generation Chinese American who owes his success to the American dream and an exceptional public education.   He came from Hong Kong at the age of eight and settled in Texas.  While he will always have the Texas spirit, he now calls North Carolina his home.

He is a God-fearing Christian, devoted husband, and father to two girls, one of whom has Down Syndrome.  He has been a physician in Raleigh for over 17 years and has dedicated his life, both professional and private, to treating and advocating for people with disabilities.  He knows firsthand the benefit of a good public education and understands the challenges parents face in advocating for their children.  He will bring his passion for education and leadership skills to ensure that parents have a voice at the school board.

  • First Generation Chinese American
  • Doctor of Medicine, specializing in brain injury rehabilitation
  • Former Vice Chair, North Carolina Council on Development Disabilities
  • Vice President, North Carolina Asian American Coalition
  • Board member of Hannah’s Hand, a missionary organization in El Salvador
  • Member of Christ Baptist Church (active in worship choir)

My Vision for Education


I believe that a person’s future is not determined by demographics.  Instead, through hard work, perseverance, and striving for excellence, a person can do great things.  We should not only teach these principles in school, but we should work to bridge the gap, so that all students are afforded the same opportunity to reach their potential.


I am a Chinese immigrant who realized the American Dream with the help of strong public education.  I’m proud to be an American, and I want school children to feel that same pride by learning history from an unbiased account. I will fight to bring civics, US and world history back to the classrooms, void of political agenda. It’s time to stop dividing us by ethnicity, and to start uniting us with truth and knowledge.

Parental Involvement

Right now, there are schools in Wake County shutting parents out of the school buildings, blocking them from volunteering in their children’s classrooms.  There is no curriculum transparency, and questionable coursework is being assigned without parental knowledge.  We as parents know what is the best for our children, so we should have a say in what they learn.  I will help bring parents and teachers together to fulfill a common mission – to give the children of Wake County the best chance to succeed.